A short insight into the history of the Weyberhöfe
The castle „Weyberhöfe“, as seen today, goes back to being the first of four castles built in the Spessart by the price electros and archbishop of Mainz.

   The archbishop and prince elector of Mainz, Werner von Eppstein built the hungting castle „Castrum Vivarium“
           where he often stays and dies in 1284.
1552   In the „Markgräfler War“ the Castle Johannisburg as well as the so called „Castrum Vivarium“ were burnt to
           the ground.
1557   Under the influence of prince elector and archbishop Daniel Brendel of Homburg, the hunting castle was rebuilt.
           His personal cook Marxen Rumpolt is regarded as the cook of the kings and the king of cooks. With his famous
           cookbook he truly left us noble menus as a legacy. To continue his art of cooking is at the same time a  challenge
           as well as  an honour. The spelling changed throughout the centuries. “Vivarium” turned to “Vivar”, “Wiber” and
           lastly “Weyber”.
1769   Exact display on a map of the Spessart.
1812   Aquisition as a manorial court.
1846   First surveying and detailed layout of the court.
1907   The historic ensemble is reconstructed in extensive work, in accordance with 500 year old notatious, by the
           noble family von Cancrin.
1991   Development into a Hotel under consideration of historic parameters.

1994   Reopening of the Weyberhöfe in a new image with its historic castle hotel, idiosyncratic and comfortable
           restaurant, and the calming atmosphere of the court in the middle of a dreamy, beautiful and large nature park.
2000   start of construction of the new rooms as well as the Vital Resort and the Beauty Farm.

2001   Grand opening of the Vital Resort and the Beauty Farm as well as the 14 new rooms.
   Aquisition of the estate by Peter B. Lehnardt, extension of the Vital Resort, development of the Old Forge into
           a Conference and Function room. Completion of the big Barn.
  Opening of the Rose Palais
  Opening of the Weyber Bar and the new Beer Garden, as well as the extension of the Kurfürstenweg
           (Path of the Archbishops), extension of the Vital Resort (flowstone cave, ice grotto, dip tank, adventure showers).